Rosa d'Inverno
Rosa d'Inverno

A perfect gift for romantics, a complete set for quickly preparing tea. The package, graphically elegant, characterized by pink, contains a tin of tea Rosa d'Inverno of the line I Profumi del Tè and 1 herb mug in fine porcelain with floral design. Rosa d'Inverno is a blend of sweet and delicate rose black tea and green tea, with the fruity aroma of peach and ripe apricot, perfect for afternoon tea. The herb mug , with a capacity of 0.2 l. comes with filter and lid in porcelain for a quick and convenient preparation of the infusion.We recommend to follow the brewing directions on package.

Rosa d'Inverno: black tea ,green tea,flavours,rose buds, sunflower petals.

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gift box of 1 tin assorted of tea and 1 herb mug